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Beneath a Steel Sky uses a variant of Revolution's virtual theatre engine. The game takes place in the future, after the world is damaged from the ravages of humankind. Beneath a Steel Sky Walkthrough - Balmoral Software Walkthrough Dialog can be skipped by clicking the left mouse button. Pick up the rung at the left end of the elevated walkway and use it on the door at right to access the fire escape.

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Beneath a Steel Sky walkthrough - solution - by FOURTYoz, Hitiek, Red & OLiVER from The Spoiler Centre collection of faqs for games. Soluce de Beyond a Steel Sky - 1 avr. 2019 ... Bienvenue sur notre soluce de Beyond a Steel Sky, le jeu d'aventure de Revolution Software qui fait suite à Beneath a Steel Sky, jeu de ... BENEATH A STEEL SKY WALKTHROUGH - Ibiblio Stand on the APERATURE (which should be nearly closed) and pull the METAL BAR. This should loosen the grate. Go WEST. Look through the GRILL on the ...